The Twin Cities Spoke is the Minneapolis-St. Paul chapter of the International Christian Cycling Club, and our goals are aligned with theirs:

  • To unite Christian cyclists for a worldwide testimony in lifestyle, training, and sportsmanship
  • To be a way for each cyclist to see Jesus Christ, His love and grace, and want to receive Him

We'd love to have you come out for a ride with us and learn more about our club.  Take a look at our calendar and contact us to let us know your're interested!

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Leaving @ 11:30
Well, it's not in team colors but the price is right! :sick: http://www.bbc.com/autos/story/201...
Hope everyone got out and enjoyed the day first bike ride outdoors in 2 years. God blessed us with s...
Quick bump... Last chance to register!
We are one month out so here's some initial info: We have 24 people signed up and three cabins re...
You, my friend, are an animal. Now all we need to do is get you to put on 50 pounds and we will have...
Time for more "I like to hear myself try to sound smart" talk! B) B) As many of you know, one o...
I know most of you have heard me talk about CrossFit at some point or another. If not, the short ve...

Upcoming Events

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Spring Training 2015!

Get ready to ride!

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Club rides

Wednesday Night Group Rides
Starting in May!  



Prayer Requests?

We care about you.  Whatever your need for prayer, let us pray for you.

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Tuesday Night Timetrials:

Thw 2015 schedule is up! Get ready for another exciting year!

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