The Twin Cities Spoke is the Minneapolis-St. Paul chapter of the International Christian Cycling Club, and our goals are aligned with theirs:

  • To unite Christian cyclists for a worldwide testimony in lifestyle, training, and sportsmanship
  • To be a way for each cyclist to see Jesus Christ, His love and grace, and want to receive Him

We'd love to have you come out for a ride with us and learn more about our club.  Take a look at our calendar and contact us to let us know your're interested!

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The meeting point that I suggested earlier (Clear Spring Elementary School) is under construction. ...
For those who may have missed the event, you can check out highlights here ([url=http://christiancyc...
Hey, I'm taking next week off. If anyone wants to go for a ride, let me know. I have a bike and...
Hey guys, I'm trying to raise money for clean water projects in Africa. Please check out this video...
Approximately 30 riders (Master’s 40+/50+) rolled out fairly quickly on a slight downhill portion ...
have been out for several rides got a little overzealous and hurt my right arm started to soon on so...
I think that's a pretty busy area but depending on the time of day, could be ok. I would also be con...
It was a good ride, even with the wind. I made it in about 7:45.

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Prayer Requests?

We care about you.  Whatever your need for prayer, let us pray for you.

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Tuesday Night Timetrials:

Thw 2015 schedule is up! Get ready for another exciting year!

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