The Christmas Season in Perspective

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The Christmas Season in Perspective

Author Thursday, December 07, 2017

I know we have all heard the challenge I am about to give every year at this time; but if it is important than it should be repeated; so here we go. The reason for the season? Well of course it is Jesus. You see we need His birth so He could ultimately go to the cross for us. But Wal-Mart, Target and Hallmark would disagree. The pressure to cave in to the commercialism, gift giving, open houses, parties and the frantic pace which marks this time of year is almost insurmountable. So how do we carve out more time for Jesus?  Four simple steps (and yes the alliteration is on purpose):

  1. Resist Dig your heels in; make a stand; Grasp His Grace.
  2. Restructure your celebrations. Be intentional about simplifying the season.
  3. Reflect Spend some time in a quiet environment contemplating and pondering the mysteries of this joyous time of the year.
  4. Remember to minister to others. Many people we know are tired, hungry, depressed and in pain. Reach out to them!


It is my hope and prayer everyone in the Twin Cities Spoke has a truly joyous Christmas.

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